Questions and Answers

What is a Menarche party?
Menarche means a girlís first period.† A menarche party is a way to celebrate a girlís transition into womanhood.†
The goal is present a positive outlook on the change that all woman experience and decrease embarrassment.

Who is the target audience?††
Girls ages 9 and up along with their family and friends, (mothers, aunts, grandmothers, etc).†
However, we have had mothers bring daughters as young as 7.

How much does is cost?
This depends on how many people you are having.† Youíll need to set a limit.†
A menarche party includes many of the same thing a birthday party would include food, cake, decorations, games, gifts, and prizes. †††

What is the process?†
Let friends and family know you are planning to have this unique celebration.†
We can give you complete step by step party planning instructions.

How many participants should be in a party?
As many or as few as you like, the exclusive party ware comes in sets of 8.†

What topics are raised in the party? I don't want it to be inappropriate for young girls.†
Using fun interactive games, topics taught are inside and outside physical changes, the menstrual process and personal hygiene.† Advice about being a woman and menstrual stories are shared by the older women.†† Itís not just a party, itís an education.