About us

Thank you for visiting Menarche Parties Rí Us.† We are moms that have created an exciting way to celebrate a girlís transition into womanhood.†Our goal is to take the pressure of mothers and daughters when it comes to talking about menstruation. Mothers and daughters benefit by being educated, having fun, strengthening the line of communication and creating a lifetime of memories. †

The Puberty Party is an educational celebration for girls who have not started menstruating.†† Moms donít have to dread ďthe talkĒ and girls wonít have to learn through lecture or boring movies.† Itís an educational party complete with food, friends, family and fun!†

The Menarche Party includes a special ceremony for the girl in transition.† The party is complete with gifts, games, cake, food, friends, family, and a lifetime memorabilia. We want to make celebrating a menarche a family tradition.† We provide information for everything you need to host a puberty or menarche party including tips for the menu, decorations, step-by-step instructions, unique interactive games, and exclusive party ware.†